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Firefox copy and paste with Apache Guacamole

  If you’re not familiar with   Apache’s Guacamole   project, it is a clientless remote desktop gateway that allows you to access your desktop from any web browser. It’s actually pretty cool software that I’ve been using quite a bit lately. As a  Firefox  user, however, one little annoyance has been that direct copy and paste has been a problem. The  Guacamole docs  have a brief section that explains how to copy and paste using the Guacamole menu bar, but that is cumbersome and not very user friendly. The Guacamole developers even have a section in the  faq  that explains the issue. Guacamole has been using the  Asynchronous Clipboard API that currently only has limited browser support. Basically, it’s only working out of the box on  Google Chrome . This means that by default if you want to use direct copy and paste from your computer's clipboard onto the remote computer in Firefox, then you had to use the text box that was built into the Guacamole menu - ugh. However, there is a s