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LXD Cloud Init

  Use cloud-init to build LXD/LXC containers Over the last few months I’ve been reading and writing a lot about   containers   using   podman   on this site. I even went so far as to move this site onto the podman container platform, though I’ve recently de-containerized this site. Managing each container image was getting exhausting and in the long run I really didn’t see the point in all the extra work, so I carefully backed out my container changes, and my workload on the web server has gone way down. I can hopefully focus more on writting now, rather than just constantly feeding the machine. Even though I couldn’t keep up with the overhead created by containers on this site, I do still occasionally use containers for a lot of things, mostly programing projects and scripting tests. However, I don’t generally use podman or Docker - instead I usually end up building containers with   LXD . I like LXD containers for a lot of reasons. Primarily, I tend to think LXD is the easiest contai