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How to log sudo commands with auditd

  Trust but verify This post is about the audit daemon (auditd) that is available for most Linux systems. Recently I’ve been looking at alternative ways to monitor sudo users on the servers I manage. Generally speaking it’s a good practice to keep an audit trail on managed systems. From a purely security perspective the more auditing you have on a system the easier any incident response should become when you need it. Your I.T. Security groups will need an easily searchable record of who ran which commands and with what privileges when trying to unravel how an exploit was used, or who used it, or both. Outside of a security perspective you still want these controls in place to make sure that you can retrace any steps taken during changes while troubleshooting a problem. It’s all too common a scenario where a change goes wrong and somehow nobody knows what was changed. A robust audit trail can make hunting down which actions were taken much easier when figuring out what went wrong, and