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Putting it all together - Podman WordPress hosting

  Time to hang the mission accomplished banners! This site is 100% powered by Podman containers! It’s been a long, hard road but we made it! Around 2 months ago, way back at the   end of May , I said that I was going to migrate this site, along with the others I host into containers using the Podman container engine. As of now (2 weeks ago really) that work is done. Every part of this site has been shoehorned into containers. However, for better or for worse, and much like that fateful   mission accomplished speech   on the USS  Abraham Lincoln . It turns out that I’ve still got a lot of work to do before this project is finished… Honestly, it will always be a work in progress but let’s not crush my hopes so early on in this post. For those that haven’t been following along ( I know… it’s also hard for me to believe that there are people who haven’t been awaiting this post with bated breath), here are some links to help you get caught up if you are curious about the run-up to this post