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Host list with Hammer CLI

  On occasion I need to pull a host list from Satellite 6; and while using the web ui is often simple enough, the hammer cli that comes with foreman is often faster. Here is a quick way to get a full host list: hammer host list That command will print list of all hosts registered with your Satellite server. Filter by OS major version Often when I’m generating this list it’s because someone has asked me something like: “How many RHEL 5, servers do we have?” You can generate a list of all the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 machines you have registered to Satellite like this: hammer host list —-search os_major=5 Of course if you wanted to see RHEL 6 or 7 or 8 you would just replace the “5”, with the major version of the OS you were looking for. Checkout other options with the help option hammer host list —-help

Upgrade to Fedora 32 - and figuring out containers with Podman!

  Over the weekend I decided it was time to test the in-place upgrade on my Fedora 31 webserver to migrate over to Fedora 32. The process for in-place upgrades on Fedora is a fairly straightforward process and has been flawless ( at least in my experience) over the last few years. If you are thinking about kicking the tires on the new Fedora check out the quick tutorial over at   Fedora Magazine   to learn how easy it is to perform the upgrade. Moving this site to containers! - with Podman I’m a long time container skeptic - I don’t understand exactly what problem I’m supposed to solve with containers, and I feel like they add a lot of complexity to systems that should be fairly simple. But maybe my suspicions are wrong, and I just don’t understand them very well. In this case I guess the problem I am solving is my own ignorance around container ecosystems, and I have no doubt that my real job will require some container knowledge fairly soon, and I don’t want to get left behind. It’s