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Upgrade to Fedora 30 Complete!

  In the last couple of days there has been some extended downtime on this site. That is because I’ve been working on migrating my blog from Ubuntu 16.04 to Fedora 30. I’m switching for lots of reasons. Some of the php packages I need for Wordpress have been getting a bit out of date on Ubuntu 16.04 and I wanted to have the most up-to-date stable release of php without needing to add a third-party repository and Fedora 30 comes with php7.3 by default which is what is recommended by the good people at WordPress dot org ( ). Why make the switch from Ubuntu to Fedora? The biggest reason is that these days I’m more comfortable working in Red Hat space, and I like some of the features in Fedora 30 like the new module framework ( ) that allows multiple versions of programming languages, and databases to be installed on the same server without conflicting with each other. Also I still live under the delusion that, s