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Three reasons to start using Ansible

  A few months ago I attended a one day Ansible workshop in Columbus Ohio with a colleague. The workshop was sponsored by Red Hat and contained several labs, which is well worth your time if you have the opportunity. I wasn’t sure what to expect, generally you don’t walk away with much working knowledge from these short events, but I had some experience with Puppet (most of it frustrating) and I was curious to see what Ansible could do for my organization. Honestly, my expectations were pretty low. In general I haven’t been impressed by the devops trend and as you know from my previous posts I’m fairly   skeptical of containers . That said, my organization has a need to automate a lot of the everyday tasks that take time away from improvement projects, and everything I had read about Ansible lead me to believe that it would add value to our operations. I was not disappointed. Ansible has the perfect balance of power and ease of use, it has become my go-to tool for any repeatable task.