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Linux Security

 Linux is not a bulletproof operating system, no doubt flaws, vulnerabilities, and exploits exist at this very moment that are unidentified and unpatched. It’s also very likely that many Linux systems are running old unpatched kernels that are just waiting to be owned by some nefarious persons driven by who knows what motivations. Linux like Windows has a human flaw built into it, businesses don’t want downtime for updates, users want too many permissions, and sysadmins don’t want to risk breaking an application by running an OS update. In fact, at some points in time, it has been a point of pride for administrators of Unix systems to talk about uptime of a year or many years. That said, you don’t see the problems with Linux that you do with Windows in either scale or degree of damage. Why is that? I’ve been a little hesitant to speak about the “WannaCrypt” ransomware campaign that has been plaguing Windows computers over this past weekend for a couple of reasons, and this post isn’t r