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openSUSE patch vs update

  If you dig into the man pages for zypper, you will notice that zypper provides three distinct options for keeping your openSUSE system up-to-date; update (up), patch, and dist-upgrade (dup). If you aren’t familiar with zypper see my previous post   managing packages with zypper   for more information. In this post I will attempt to demonstrate the differences between each option and suggest when you may want to consider using each. In particular, I will try to explain the difference between a simple update and a patch, with emphasis on how to gather detailed information on particular patches. Update According to the man page, using zypper update (or zypper up) will; “ Update installed packages with newer versions, where possible. ” As long as updating the package will not cause a change in vendor (see dist-upgrade), using   zypper up   will update every installed package to the newest version that is available in the repositories that are enabled on your system. Zypper update is a sa