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Satellite 6 Duplicate Host Names with Puppet

  Satellite 6, Red Hat’s patch, configuration, and deployment management one stop shop solution is a powerful tool. It is also a formidable and complicated piece of software. One of the big hurdles that I have run into when incorporating Puppet into Satellite 6 is that many of our systems do not use a fqdn (fully qualified domain name) for their host names. Which means that when I register “superawesomewebserver01” with Satellite 6 I get a host record that reflects the short name. This isn’t a problem until that same host connects with Puppet, its name is then recorded based on the certificate which is always the fqdn (i.e. “” and results in duplicate host records showing up in Satellite, each as an independent object. So, how can you fix this? What you should not do… probably Do not use   foreman-rake katello:unify_hosts   on your Satellite server if you have connected it to a compute resource   like VMware. Especially don’t do this if your Satellite